Case Study - Milbank Architects

Milbank Architect is a company based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, providing architectural services to clients.

Milbank Architects
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Milbank Architects Homepage

Milbank Architects sought to modernise its digital presence to reflect its evolving portfolio and expertise. The firm aimed to rejuvenate its website with fresh content, a contemporary design, and an enhanced user experience to increase lead generation and more effectively showcase its projects.


  • Outdated Design: The website's design did not match the firm's innovative and modern architectural style.
  • Poor SEO Performance: Limited visibility on search engines due to poor optimisation.
  • Inadequate Project Display: The website struggled to effectively showcase the depth and breadth of Milbank Architects' projects, making it difficult for potential clients to grasp the firm's capabilities and achievements.

Our Approach

  • Website Modernisation with WordPress: We chose WordPress for its flexibility and ease of content management, ensuring Milbank Architects could dynamically update their site with new projects. The platform's robust ecosystem allowed us to customise the site to meet the firm's specific needs.

  • SEO and Content Strategy Overhaul: We conducted a comprehensive SEO audit and restructured the website's content architecture to improve search visibility. This included optimising on-page elements, enhancing meta descriptions, and implementing a keyword strategy tailored to architectural services.

  • Enhanced Project Showcase: Understanding the importance of visually compelling presentations in architecture, we redesigned the project gallery to provide detailed insights into each project, incorporating high-quality images, descriptions, and the firm's role in each project.


  • Increased Website Traffic: The firm now enjoys over 700 unique monthly visitors, a testament to the enhanced user experience and SEO performance.
  • Boosted Search Visibility: With 40,000 search impressions a month, the website's visibility on search engines has dramatically increased, ensuring Milbank Architects stands out in a competitive market.
  • Enhanced Lead Generation: The website has seen a 40% increase in clicks and conversions, directly contributing to a higher rate of inquiries and new project opportunities.

The project not only revitalised Milbank Architects' online presence but also empowered the firm to take control of its digital narrative. With the WordPress CMS, the team can seamlessly update content and showcase new projects, ensuring the website remains as dynamic and innovative as their architectural designs.

By addressing the unique challenges faced by Milbank Architects and implementing targeted digital strategies, we not only modernised their website but significantly enhanced their ability to attract and engage clients.

Unique Monthly Visitors
Search impressions per week
Increase in clicks

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