Case Study - Historic Chapel's Trust

How we brought the Historic Chapel's Trust back to the digital forefront, ensuring their mission and heritage sites remain accessible and prominent online.

Historic Chapel's Trust
WordPress, Archive Restoration
Historic Chapel's Trust Homepage

When the Historic Chapel's Trust approached us, their main goal was to recover their lost website and enhance their digital footprint. Their site, a crucial tool for engaging with supporters and spreading information about their conservation efforts, had been inaccessible for over three years.


  • Website Recovery: The primary challenge was the complete recovery of the website's content from internet archives without existing backups.
  • Modernisation: Updating the website's look and functionality to meet current web standards and accessible to their target audience.
  • SEO and Visibility: Improving the website's search engine rankings to increase visibility and reach a wider audience.

Our Approach

  • Archive Restoration: We scraped internet archives to retrieve the original content, recovering as much data as possible.
  • WordPress Implementation: Leveraging WordPress, we rebuilt the site with a modern, responsive design that maintained the Trust's branding while ensuring ease of content management.
  • SEO Strategy: Implemented comprehensive SEO tactics, including keyword optimization and content strategy, to enhance online visibility and drive engagement.


  • Website Relaunch: Successfully relaunched the Historic Chapel's Trust website within one week, featuring a refreshed design and improved user experience while maintaining the original aspects of the site.
  • Enhanced Online Presence: Through targeted SEO strategies, we significantly increased the site's search engine rankings, resulting in higher traffic and engagement.
  • Empowered Client: Equipped the Trust with a scalable, easy-to-manage WordPress site, enabling them to update content and keep their audience informed about their valuable conservation work.

By addressing the unique challenges faced by the Historic Chapel's Trust and applying specialized solutions, we were able to not only restore their online presence but also enhance their ability to share and preserve the UK's chapel heritage.

  • WordPress
  • SEO
  • Restoration

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