Case Study - Jollie Beads

How our bespoke e-commerce solution empowered this startup to manage their products efficiently and reach customers across the UK.

Jollie Beads
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Jollie Beads, a startup specialising in handmade bead bracelets, sought to reach a broader audience across the UK. Their goal was clear: to create an online store that not only showcased their unique products but also embodied the essence of their brand. With budget constraints being a key consideration, finding cost-effective yet impactful solutions was paramount.


  • Limited Reach: Initially confined to local sales channels, Jollie Beads needed a platform to sell nationwide.
  • Startup Constraints: As a startup, budget and resources were limited, necessitating efficient and economical solutions.
  • Lack of Online Presence: Without an existing online store, Jollie Beads required an e-commerce solution that could easily manage their unique inventory and cater to their target market.

Our Approach

  • E-commerce Development with WordPress and WooCommerce: To address these challenges, we utilised WordPress in combination with WooCommerce. This approach offered a cost-effective, scalable solution perfect for startups. The flexibility of WordPress, coupled with the robust e-commerce features of WooCommerce, provided Jollie Beads with a comprehensive platform to manage their products effectively and make sales across the UK.

  • Brand-aligned UI Design: We crafted a unique user interface that reflected Jollie Beads' ethos through soft colours and fonts. This design not only enhanced the visual appeal of the online store but also ensured a seamless and comfortable shopping experience for customers.

  • SEO Implementation: To increase visibility and attract more visitors, our team implemented a targeted SEO strategy. This was designed to improve search engine rankings and drive organic traffic to the site, essential for a new online store seeking to establish itself in a competitive market.


  • Nationwide Reach: Jollie Beads successfully transitioned from a local vendor to an online retailer, significantly widening their potential customer base.

  • Empowered Product Management: The integration of WooCommerce provided Jollie Beads with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for managing their inventory, including the ability to update products and process orders efficiently from their phone.

  • Enhanced Online Visibility: Through effective SEO and a brand-aligned website design, Jollie Beads improved their online presence, attracting a growing number of visitors and potential customers.

Jollie Beads' foray into the online market has not only allowed them to extend their reach beyond local confines but also equipped them with a dynamic e-commerce platform. This venture into online retailing, underpinned by a strategic use of WordPress and WooCommerce, has positioned Jollie Beads for sustained growth and success in the market.import imageHero from "./hero.webp";import imageHero from "./hero.webp";import imageHero from "./hero.webp";

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